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VMEasy is a fast and simple to use browser based visitor management system that is GDPR (Data Protection Act 2017) compliant. It is has the flexibility to meet the requirements of your organisation, no matter what number of visitors and contractors pass through your office reception.

Cross Platform

Our system will work on any platform with a web browser. This includes mobile and handheld devices meaning that you can manage your visitor system from anywhere as long as you have an Internet or network connection.

Cross Platform Image

Being a web browser based application means you have no software installation issues, and the system can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Touch Screen login option makes the system suitable for both staffed and unstaffed Reception areas.


div fader

      This system has allowed for my company to effectively manage and prepare for the regular visits and meetings we host each day.

    Adam Wells | Company Director

      We have been using VMEasy for the past 6 months and it works great. We recommend it to businesses of any size.

    Richard Jones | Manager

      This system works perfectly for creating a fire list for all the visitors on our site.

    Alan Baker | Receptionist

      VMEasy removes all of the paperwork and automates our whole visitor management operation. The constant updates are also a massive bonus.

    Jamie Rhodes | IT Technician

      Great system with alot of functionality.

    Lauren Smith | Company Director

Remote Support

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