VMEasy is a modular system.
You only pay for the functionality you need.

Every VMEasy purchase starts with the annual VMEasy base subscription. Our base subscription gives you all the functionality you need to begin welcoming your visitors using our touchless system and securely logging their information. See a full list of functionality here.

The VMEasy subscription includes:

Access to your own cloud admin portal that allows you to easily manage your visitors from anywhere with an internet connection.

Your own visitor database hosted securely within our UK based servers.

Every VMEasy subscription uses our touchless technology as standard. Your organisation will be issued with a unique QR code that your visitors can scan using their own mobile device. They can then complete your customised visitor questionnaire using their own screen eliminating the need for communal touchpoints in your reception.

Full telephone, Email and live chat support.

Customised badge templates for your visitors.

If you require subscriptions for additional sites or multiple entrances we can add these so that they use a shared visitor database allowing your staff and visitors to move between sites easily.

If you require additional functionality for your organisation you can add the relevant modules to your order as required. Please visit the VMEasy shop to view all of the available modules.

Reduce your contamination touch points and finally get rid of that pen and paper book! Go touchless with VMEasy.
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Additional Modules Available


As businesses begin to reopen post-lockdown it is more important than ever for them to ensure the safety of staff and visitors. The VMEasy Covid-19 questionnaire module asks the person checking in if they have experienced any symptoms and records their answers. This allows the host to assess the risk of allowing people back into your site or building.
Scan the QR code below to see a demonstration.

Staff Contactless Sign-In

If you would like your staff to quickly scan in and out as they arrive and leave, our staff module is the one for you. Each member of staff can be supplied with a fob that displays their unique bar code. They simply scan this bar code as they arrive and the VMEasy system registers them as on-site. VMEasy records the time and date of every scan and this data can be used for time sheets and payroll.
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VMEasy Professional features our touchless check-in and provides you with a range of touchscreens and printers. The touch screen does not need to be 'touched', but adds functionality like printer support, door access control and staff booking In and Out.
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Visitor Pass

If you would like your visitors to be easily identified as they move around your organisation VMEasy can print a personalised pass for them to wear. As the visitor completes the check-in process their photograph is taken and the connected pass printer will automatically create their customised visitor pass. You can select the best printer & passes to suit your needs from our selection of printers.
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School MIS

VMEasy can integrate with all of the major MIS providers in the UK. Add the education module to your subscription to allow your students to record late arrivals and early book outs.
If you use SIMS you can use the read and write module in VMEasy to write the attendance data straight back into SIMS automatically, just select the appropriate package for your school size below.
All of the available education modules include a DBS module to record the DBS number of any visitors who are DBS cleared.
* Requires the touchscreen option.
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Customise VMEasy for your organisation.
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Our online demonstration allows you to try the system as a visitor and demonstrates our NEW Covid-19 Questionnaire . You will see first hand how easy VMEasy is to use.

If you would like to see a demonstration of the admin panel our customer services team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the systems functionality and compatibility.

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