VMEasy is a simple browser based Visitor Management system, that literally anyone who can operate a keyboard and mouse will be able to use with ease.

So how do I install VMEasy?

VMEasy is a web site and accessed via your browser, we will provide you with a web site address along with an initial username and password. You can setup new users or just add a common one which can be distributed to all your staff along with the web site address.

What browser and add-ins do I need?

VMEasy is cross browser compatible, but you do need certain add-ins, that are free. VMEasy requires Silverlight for photo capture and Adobe Flash to print the passes. Most PC's will have these installed. Mac versions of Silverlight are available from Microsoft. Please visit Adobe for Flash.

What is the minimum screen resolution?

We would recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 but we feel VMEasy is best viewed in 1280 x 1024.

How is VMEasy personalised for my organisation?

We will add your company logo and details to all the template defaults, we can import a hosts and users list for you, we can setup customised fields, we can setup how you would like the emails sent by the system to look are just some of the ways we can customise VMEasy.

How is VMEasy-Touch personalised for my organisation?

Your logo will feature on the main page, we can integrate a background or video to play whilst the system is idle, we can customise the entry button to include shortcuts for large clients, entry terms and conditions, a site questionnaire for different classes of visitor the options list is extensive. Just ask about our customisation pack.

Is there a limit to the amount of users?

We do not put a limit on the amount of users you can have on the system.

How many badge templates can I have?

There is no limit to the amount of templates. The system comes pre-loaded with Visitor, Contractor, Delegate, Guest and Temp Staff.

Can I use a bar code scanner?

Yes. We supply two barcode options a hand held barcode scanner. If the barcode scanner is used with VMEasy then your IT need to open port 1433 for communications. If the barcode scanner is used with Touch then no ports need to be opened. If you purchase our wall mounted barcode touch product then no ports need to be opened.

What type of printer do I need?

Our DaySecure badge will print out on most inkjets, however, for user ease it is best to use a rear feeding inkjet printer, we recommend the Canon range of printers. We do provide a black and white thermal printer option. The printer holds a roll of 500 passes, great for unattended or high volume receptions and works fantastically well with Touch.

Do we need an internet connection?

Yes. We recommend that the reception / security have bandwidth on their PC of at least 2.5mbps. We can provide a test login so you will see the speed of the system.

What's the difference between Multi-Tennant and the international version?

The main difference between the two options is cost. The multi-tenant version is setup for use by multi-tenants in one building but the international version could be spread globally. The international option is priced individually based on clients needs and can include language options for French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

How many sites can I have in the business version?

The business version comes as standard with one site, however, you can add additional sites to the system for a fixed price per site.

Can I add additional features in the education package?

You will need to migrate to the business package should you require the additional features.

Can I supply my own touch screen PC?

Yes. We would however require access to the touch screen PC to configure it. The configuration charge would be a set price per touch screen. Our configuration normally takes 3 hours.

Can I configure my own touch screen?

You could configure the touch screen PC yourself as VMEasy Touch is hosted as a website access via a browser. However, you would need to configure the system to stay in touch screen mode along with the printer settings. Internet Explorer 9 or above must be used for VMEasy Touch.