Product Comparison

Below is the comparision sheet we use to show the features each of our products support.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to call us on 0115 860 2255.

- Included
- Optional

Education Business Enterprise Touch
VMEasy Touchscreen integration
Unattended use by visitors and contractors
Badge templates and system setup for you
Visitor Badge printing to inkjet printer
Visitor Badge printing to thermal printer
Parking permit printing
Print and Issue staff ID cards
Temporary Employee Badge Printing
Contractor Passes
Visitor Photo Capture
Customer Self Hosting Options
Multi Building / Site Use
Hosts can pre-book visitors
Hosts can only see their visitors
Recall Visitors Details
Multi-visitor quick entry
Visitor Arrival Email Notification
Visitor Leaving Site Email
Email visitor with site joining instructions
Barcode scanning
Fire panic list
Connect to VMEasy via smart phone
Barr (unwanted) visitors
VMPro - back office admin and reporting
VMEasy required
VMAccess- Door access control integration
Customised site entry T & C’s
Health and Safety check list
Your logo personalised on screen