VMEasy will meet all the criteria you set for your visitor management system: simple, flexible and cost effective.

VMEasy is a browser-based system that requires no complex installation onto your PCs or intranet.

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VMEasy starts working for you long before your visitor arrives, in fact from the moment the appointment is first made. Many people coming to your site will be first time visitors, possibly unsure of your location and the best route to your premises and need directions. You may also want to send a meeting confirmation note. VMEasy enables you to do all these things efficiently and effectively.

The meeting host can enter the details of an arranged meeting directly into VMEasy. Once this is completed an email is sent to the visitor confirming the meeting date and time, along with a .pdf attachment that can include all the key information the visitor will require: map and directions to the site, a site layout and where to head to on arrival, health and safety regulations etc. The visitor would be asked to bring the data sheet along when they come to the meeting.

When the visitor arrives on site and hands over the .pdf print out the unique bar code, which is also included in the document, is scanned by the Receptionist or Security staff. This identifies the person’s visit and the system prints out a visitor pass, logs the visitor into the live database of visitors currently on site and emails the host to inform them their visitor has arrived.

When the meeting is over the visitor hands back their pass, which is rescanned and the visitor is booked out of the database and free to depart. An email is sent to the host to inform them their visitor has left the site. This approach means your organisation conforms totally to HSE requirements.

Groups of visitors can be pre-entered into the system, and their badges produced in advance.

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A final benefit of the VMEasy system is that in the event of an evacuation of the premises an ‘emergency report’ can be produced instantly. Either as a printed hard copy or, if there is no time for that, use your browser enabled mobile phone to log into your site and see which visitors were in the building.

Key features:

  • Browser-based for simple set up
  • Live database of visitors on site
  • Emergency evacuation list either as hard copy or visible via browser enabled mobile phone
  • Meeting confirmation and instructions .pdf emailed to visitor
  • Book in and visitor pass printed enabled via bar code scan
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Cost effective
  • To see for yourself how simple this is try out our VMEasy demo site. Call us today for login details to access the demo system on telephone 0115 860 2255.